Old Rivers

by Elizabeth Moliter

Where do I find the holy Truth?

The place that captures the thrill of youth?

Old rivers carry old dreams away.

But I’ll walk those shores,

‘Til my dying day


Verse 2

Days grow shorter, the mirror cracks

It’s not the same and I can’t go back.

Old rivers carry old souls away

But I’ll walk those shores

‘Til my dying day




Wash me clean again

O waters wide

Set me free at last

By old River’s side


Verse 3

The car door slams, the wheels turn

She’s gone away and she won’t return

Old rivers never say goodbye

They don’t look back

And they never cry





Years can crush your strength away

Beat you down to dust

Call you names and run away

Leave no one left to trust


Repeat First Verse






by Elizabeth Moliter


A little left of center

She changes like the weather

Her solitude and crying songs

Hold her world together


Verse 2

She crawls when she should run

She runs when she should stay

Opens up to the joys of life

Then pushes them all away



Sweet Lorelei

Hey Lorelei

Come on home

Come on home



Verse 3

The city can comfort

Or swallow you whole

It knows how to heal and save

Or bite you like the cold


Repeat chorus



You can’t stop the rain

So why even try

Ride out those days

To a sunny sky

Lorelei, Lorelei


Verse 4

The book of her life

Half written by now

Holds pages of promises

If she would only allow


Repeat Chorus



Road to Heaven   by Elizabeth Moliter 
Song of the Year Finalist

All my ambitions are buried low
Beneath this wayward skin
And the shining vessels filled with oil
Are empty once again.

The devil still gets in sometimes
Tries to drive the angels out
But the road will wipe the dust away
Till there's nothing left to sin about.


Road to heaven
Miles away
Road to Freedom
My Glory Day

When the old days are said and done
I'll bless them in my prayers
The road was straight but strewn with rocks
And now, I climb the stairs

Repeat chorus

The dreams are more subdued this time
Passion has its place
Maybe peace can heal me now
That I've left behind the race

Repeat chours


 Like a Stone    by Elizabeth Moliter

Won't you walk away
And leave me with my heart?
Those words you never say
Are tearing me apart.


Feel like a stone
Old and alone
Trying to roll back home

Won't you set me free,
These old chains just weigh me down?
And this pain that I've been carrying
Has knocked me to the ground.

Repeat Chorus


Engraved upon this stone
The years we've known
Are filled with grime
And dulled with time.

Say a prayer for me
To wash you from my mind.
And I'll say a prayer for you
When I've left you far behind.

Repeat Chorus



Man on a Wire   by  Elizabeth Moliter

Again the night won't leave you in peace
You grab your coat and you walk the streets
Thinking too much of what you might have been
If you'd taken the paths of other men.

This time tomorrow will be the same
Except for your coat and a gentle rain
Playing old records, round and round in your head
Dreaming of sleep in your empty bed.

Man on a wire
Balancing there
Trapped on the line
Between hope and despair
Is anybody there?

Troubles find you when you're least aware
And lovers tempt you when you're unprepared
You miss the turn to reach your journey's end
And lonely nights will beckon once again

Questions linger
Memories fade
Were they dreams
Or a parade?

Someday maybe if you try to pray
The night will end in a different way
And simple sleep will come for you at last
And the walking nights will run back to the pas




By Laura Moliter 


I was made to know cathedrals

To rest in awe in Spirit’s dome

There is no life without cathedrals

It is a fact I’ve come to know


There is a space that lies within me

And comes alive where stained glass shines

What is a day without cathedrals?

Those built of stone or in my mind.




To be one with the wind, a poet sustained

Alive to each moment, to know my own name

To run with abandon like a stallion gone wild

To have my cathedrals and the eyes of a child.


Verse 2

A dream too big to settle for settling

A world too small to stay in one place

Voices chant from countless cathedrals

Promising hope in the beauty of grace


Repeat Chorus


Verse 3

It isn’t about the majesty

Or maybe sometimes it is

I just think life should be greater

Than the rooms we put it in.



Repeat Chorus


Little Blue Bike

by Laura Moliter


It’s been twenty years

Since I took that spill

Riding with the ocean breeze

And old before my time


Couldn’t seem to shake the load                           

Walked alone for a score or so

Living on the brink of me

And scared to jump and drown



I got me a little blue bike

Like a girl with her very first trike

Rode today without a care

And fear just flew away

Into my good day!


Verse 2

I really never had a plan

Just woke up to the task at hand

Find your joy, take it for a ride

And feel the girl inside


Out to lunch or out to sea

Building castles of sand or dreams

Climb aboard my legacy

And the world can take a hike…




Verse 3

I can’t wait to ride again

I’ve got life as my best friend

I don’t care what you think of me

I finally found a way…


To have a very good day!




Waiting for Roses  by Laura Moliter

Waiting for the chance to breathe out in space
Waiting for a sign of life by God’s sweet grace
Waiting for roses to bloom in the air

Waiting for the patience to keep on waiting
Waiting for a masterpiece of God’s creating
Waiting for roses to bloom in the air

At the wall through dances
Cursing circumstances
Tired of graceless answers
Tired of howling at the moon.
Waiting for the long lost child to find its way
Waiting for a love, content, to come and stay
Waiting for roses to bloom in the air.
Looking in the eyes of promise, turning away
Listening for a simple answer, forgetting to pray
Waiting for roses to bloom in the air.
Repeat Chorus

Holding out, holding on, holding out
I’m even too tired….
Holding out, holding on, holding out
I'm even to tired, too tired to sing the blues
Waiting for the denouement to close the story
Waiting for God’s pure design to show its glory
Waiting for roses to bloom in the air.




Imagine   by Laura Moliter
Imagine I’m the one for you.
Just imagine, oh what would you do.
I’m not John Lennon. I’m not even tryin’ to be…
But just imagine me
as the one to rest your dreams upon
and a place to lose your fears…
Just picture me, tell me what you see.
What do you feel when you think of me—
Am I the one you need?
Imagine that I make you smile.
Just imagine that I drive you wild.
Oh, I’m not perfect, I’m not even tryin’ to be,
but just imagine me, as the one to hold your heart secure
and the name you cry at night….
Repeat Chorus
Imagine I’m the one you love
Just imagine I’m a blessing from above
I’m not an angel, I’m not even tryin’ to be,
but just imagine me,
as the one you love like I love you…
I’ll just imagine that it’s true…
Walking a Thin Line    by Laura Moliter

Huddled in my questions
Feeling Like a sham
She said I was a hypocrite
And maybe I am.
Holding onto anger
Not even knowing why
Ashamed of being shameful
And full on humble pie.
Walking a thin line, walking a thin line
Losing my life line, saying I’m fine
And walking that line, walking that thin line…
I wish that things were clearer
Or that I didn’t care
I see the escalator
But need to take the stairs
But I see your hands are moving
I like the way you play
Maybe I can hold on
to that for one more day 
Repeat chorus
Standin’ on the catwalk
The stage is big below
Afraid to make my entrance
Afraid I’ll steal the show
The secrets I’m not telling
Are written in a book
That lies upon the table
For everyone to look
I’d like to be a mystery
To someone else but me
I’m at the door of freedom
And fumbling for my key…
Repeat Chorus