From the recording ALOFT


Little Blue Bike

It’s been twenty years
Since I took that spill
Riding with the ocean breeze
And old before my time

Couldn’t seem to shake the load
Walked alone for a score or so
Living on the brink of me
And scared to jump and drown

I got me a little blue bike
Like a girl with her very first trike
Rode today without a care
And fear just flew away
Into my good day!

Verse 2
I really never had a plan
Just woke up to the task at hand
Find your joy, take it for a ride
And feel the girl inside

Out to lunch or out to sea
Building castles of sand or dreams
Climb aboard my legacy
And the world can take a hike…


Verse 3
I can’t wait to ride again
I’ve got life as my best friend
I don’t care what you think of me
I finally found a way…

To have a very good day!