1. Cathedrals

From the recording ALOFT



I was made to know cathedrals
To rest in awe in Spirit’s dome
There is no life without cathedrals
It is a fact I’ve come to know

There is a space that lies within me
And comes alive where stained glass shines
What is a day without cathedrals?
Those built of stone or in my mind.


To be one with the wind, a poet sustained
Alive to each moment, to know my own name
To run with abandon like a stallion gone wild
To have my cathedrals and the eyes of a child.

Verse 2
A dream too big to settle for settling
A world too small to stay in one place
Voices chant from countless cathedrals
Promising hope in the beauty of grace

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3
It isn’t about the majesty
Or maybe sometimes it is
I just think life should be greater
Than the rooms we put it in.

Repeat Chorus