1. Old Rivers

From the recording ALOFT


Old Rivers
Where do I find the holy Truth?
The place that captures the thrill of youth?
Old rivers carry old dreams away.
But I’ll walk those shores,
‘Til my dying day

Verse 2
Days grow shorter, the mirror cracks
It’s not the same and I can’t go back.
Old rivers carry old souls away
But I’ll walk those shores
‘Til my dying day


Wash me clean again
O waters wide
Set me free at last
By old River’s side

Verse 3
The car door slams, the wheels turn
She’s gone away and she won’t return
Old rivers never say goodbye
They don’t look back
And they never cry


Years can crush your strength away
Beat you down to dust
Call you names and run away
Leave no one left to trust

Repeat First Verse